Watch for repair

To obtain warranty service, please return your watch to your local affiliate or retailer where the watch was purchased.

It may be necessary to send your watch for repair. These guidelines will help:

  • Pack your watch in a sturdy box with and protect it for transport. All shipping boxes and packaging materials will be disposed of upon receipt.
  • Use an insured parcel for shipping. We do not accept responsibility for lost during shipment.
  • Include a letter describing the repairs you would like to have done, a phone number, an E-mail address and your return address.
  • If you submit your repair within the warranty period, please include the completed warranty card or proof of purchase with date and model. For work outside the warranty period or for work that is not covered by the warranty, a cost estimate will be sent to you prior to repair.

Repairs that are subject to a charge do not commence until you have given your consent. After confirmation of the cost estimate and repair you will receive a prepayment invoice.

The Service Centers may, at its option, repair your watch by installing new or thoroughly reconditioned and inspected components or replace it with an identical or similar model.


Please send your watch
to our · Service Centers

Whenever shipping your watch across any international border, you must indicate “returning product to manufacturer for repair & return only. Value for customs purposes only. No commercial value.

You are responsible for all duties, taxes, freight or other fees associated with shipping your watch to our Service Centers. Failure to do so, may result in refusal of the package.

Please note


For customs reasons please declare:
Timekeeper  F O R   R E P A I R

Most carriers offer insurance against loss or damage during transportation and while shipping a timepiece, we recommend insuring it for its full replacement value.

The owner will be charged for postage, insurance and costs which may incur in addition to normal repair costs covered by the guarantee. For those customers requiring their watches to be repaired in countries other than those where the purchase was originally made, repair services are available though it is to be acknowledged that it might take somewhat longer than normal.

We cannot give you exact repair prices, as the costs can only be calculated if our watchmakers have had the opportunity to check your watch on site.

2 year international warranty

Zeno grants a 2 years warranty on each watch with completed warranty certificate from the date of purchase. The watch will be repaired free of charge by the Zeno Service Centres in case of defective material or faulty workmanship.

Warranty conditions

Please note that ZWB only ensures full warranty when the watch is bought from one of the authorized dealers. The warranty certificate must be properly stamped, signed by the dealer and state the exact date of purchase. made on watches without an original signed international ZENO guarantee certificate, or taking place after a guarantee period will be fully charged.

Note that you can also have an authorized retailer process the repair for you. Only authorized retailers or authorized service centers are qualified to ensure proper after-sales service and are authorized to provide the warranty services in accordance to Swiss quality standards. Warranty work and maintenance must be done by an official service center upon presentation of the guarantee card. Work performed by anyone other than an official service center renders the warranty void.

Your dealer is usually the best place to contact for help

If you have problems with your watch, we recommend contacting your retailer first.

Product liability notice

ZENO-WATCH BASEL disclaims any relationship to or responsibility for any timepiece or other item bearing the ZENO or ZENO-WATCH BASEL name, brand, logo or symbol that is offered for sale by parties that are not an official retailer. Purchasing such an item from an unauthorised party therefore takes place at the buyer’s sole risk, particularly in the case of counterfeit and in the case of products purchased via the internet. No explicit or implicit warranty or servicing or any other obligation shall ensue for ZENO-WATCH BASEL or for any of its authorised representatives for products sold by unauthorised parties and not accompanied by a duly stamped ZENO-WATCH BASEL international warranty certificate. For the above reasons and in your own interest, please ensure you only acquire genuine watches that are exclusively available from legitimate official ZENO-WATCH BASEL retailers.