Watch for repair

The repair service is also available after the guarantee period for repair and maintenance work against an appropriate charge.

Please send your watch:
– to your dealer
– to ZWB Service Center

For customs reasons please declare: Timekeeper to be R E P A I R E D !!!
Most carriers offer insurance against loss or damage during transportation and while shipping a timepiece, we recommend insuring it for its full replacement value.

The owner will be charged for postage, insurance and costs which may incur in addition to normal repair costs covered by the guarantee. For those customers requiring their watches to be repaired in countries other than those where the purchase was originally made, repair services are available though it is to be acknowledged that it might take somewhat longer than normal.

Please note that ZWB only ensures full warranty when the watch is bought from one of the authorized dealers. The warranty certificate must be properly stamped, signed by the dealer and state the exact date of purchase. made on watches without an original signed international ZENO guarantee certificate, or taking place after a guarantee period will be fully charged.

Note that you can also have an authorized retailer process the repair for you. Only authorized retailers or authorized service centers are qualified to ensure proper after-sales service and are authorized to provide the warranty services in accordance to Swiss quality standards. Warranty work and maintenance must be done by an official service center upon presentation of the guarantee card. Work performed by anyone other than an official ZENO-WATCH BASEL service center renders the warranty void.

Your dealer is usually the best place to contact for help.
If you have any problem with your watch, we recommend contacting your retailer first.