Frequently asked Questions

Here we provide you with the answers to some of the most common questions that we are asked. If the question you need answered is not covered Contact your local Zeno-Watch Basel · dealer. This is usually the best and first place to contact for help.

Where can I obtain a ZENO catalogue ?

Please refer to the · contact list. We encourage you to contact the official distributor in your country stating your wishes which they will then immediately fulfil.


Are ZENO watches water-resistant ?

Water resistance is only guaranteed if it is stated on the dial, if the watch has not been subjected to a severe shock, the crystal or crown has not been damaged, the recommended service has been followed and instructions for battery change have been adhered to.

Please see our info at · Care Instructions or
instructions Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry · water resistence

Where can I get my ZENO watch repaired ?

Your nearest representative should be the first and best place to contact for help.
Official service centers can be located at · Service Centers.

In case there is no service center in your country, please send the watch back to your dealer or to the worldwide service center.

Elsässerstrasse 207a
CH-4056 Basel

Only authorized Zeno retailers and service centers are qualified to ensure proper after-sales service and are authorized to provide the warranty services in accordance with Zeno quality standards. Warranty work and maintenance must be done by an official service center upon presentation of the guarantee card. Work performed by anyone other than an official ZENO service center renders the warranty void.

What are the recommended service intervals ?

Like any high-precision instrument, a watch needs to be serviced regularly in order for it to work perfectly. Obviously, we cannot indicate the intervals for such work, given that it depends entirely on the model, climate and the care taken by the watch’s owner. As a general rule, it is between 3 and 7 years, depending on the use of the watch.

We recommend checking a water resistant watch once a year!

Please see our info at · Care Instructions or
instructions of Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry · Watch Care

Where can I have my watch strap adjusted ?

We recommend contacting a ZENO appointed dealer to have the watch strap adjusted. If you can not be present when the adjustment is made, please be sure to tell them your exact wrist circumference when you request the adjustment.

How do I change the battery?

Bring the watch to your local authorized · Retailer or an authorized · Service Center. Substituting interchangeable batteries yourself is not recommended. The battery change should be performed by a qualified technician who should also check the condition of the gaskets and the O-ring at the same time. ZWB watches must be repaired by an authorized service center or the warranty is void.

Do I need to mail in my watch for a simple battery replacement?

We do suggest that your ZENO watch be sent to an authorized ZENO-WATCH service center for battery changes and repairs. Taking your watch to an unauthorized jeweler will void the warranty.

Please refer to the Customer Service.

Accuracy of ZENO watches ?

The accuracy of the watch depends on the movement. All ZENO watches are delivered and repaired to the following standards:

Quartz watches: ± 1 minute/year
Standard Automatic watches: -5 /+30 seconds/day
Standard Manual Winding watches: -5 /+35 seconds/day
Certified Chronometers: -4 / +6 seconds/day

ZENO submits each watch movement for severe testing at the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) in order to obtain the title of chronometer. These tests are carried out in the laboratory and on the movement alone, using successive daily rate figures at different temperatures and in different positions.

Instructions of Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry · Chronometer

How can I be sure I am buying a genuine ZENO watch ?

You can be sure you are buying a genuine ZENO watch if you:

  • Buy a ZENO watch only from authorized ZENO retailers.
  • The ZENO warranty certificate must be properly stamped, signed with the dealers name and show the exact date of purchase.

Are ZENO watches shock-resistant ?

All ZENO watches are shock-resistant up to 5000g in accordance with the definitions of the DIN 8308 standard.
Please take care of your watch.

Are ZENO watches resistant to magnetic fields ?

ZENO watches are antimagnetic in accordance with the definitions of the DIN 8309 standard. This standard is based on the accidental passage of a watch in a magnetic field of 4,800A/m, i.e. 0.006 Tesla. As part of the DIN 8309 test, the watch is placed in a magnetic field along 3 different axes, for one minute each time.

In order to pass the test, a mechanical watch should not stop within the three periods indicated. The effect of the residual magnetism should not exceed 30 seconds per day for a gents watch and 45 seconds per day for a ladies watch.

How many Turns Per Day (TPD) do you recommend for a watch winder?

The Turns Per Day (TDP) should only be viewed as a rough guideline. Technically, what TPD actually means is the static minimum numbers of turns to fully wind up a watch from zero to 100% if the watch is being wound non-stop in a vertical plane. But of course, a watch should not be wound up non-stop, as per aforementioned; and a watch does not need to be 100% fully wound each time. Moreover, different designs of watch winders require different numbers of turns to wind up the same watch. Thus, TPD is more meaningful as a way of comparing different watch movements’ efficiency to wind up a watch.

All automatic ZENO watches produced over the past 50 years require somewhere between 650 and 800 TPD to keep running. Some chronographs may need an additional 50 to 100 TPD if the stop watch function is accidentally or intentionally activated while the watch is on the winder.

Do you recommend a watch winder for vintage ZENO watches ?

It all depends on the condition of your antique automatics. We tend to believe, most older antique automatics were presumably being wound up manually over an extended period of time in the past. As such, the crown mechanism might already have sustained a certain degree of wear and tear, due to a long period of time whereby the watch was wound manually. Therefore, we would suggest starting by using a minimal amount of turning on an automatic watch winder with your antique older watches. This would probably serve the purpose of winding the antique automatics without overstressing it. It is not necessary to keep the watch wound up 100% all of the time, especially for older antique watches.

Are ZENO watches sold on the Internet ?

YES, but only through the ZENO network of authorized retailers.

Please be advised that if you choose to purchase a ZENO from any source other than an authorized ZENO dealer, you do so at your own risk.

We cannot guarantee the authenticity of products sold outside our authorized dealer network. Each ZENO watch purchased from an authorized retailer is in perfect and original condition and will be repaired by qualified professionals during the warranty period as well as afterwards, in accordance with the terms of the International Manufacturer’s Warranty.

If ZENO watches are purchased from sources other than authorized retailers or are serviced or repaired by unqualified third parties, they may be subject to alterations from their original condition that are beyond ZENO-WATCH’s control.

As ZENO cannot guarantee the quality standards of altered watches, its one-year International Manufacturer’s Warranty cannot be offered for these products. In such cases the purchaser has to rely on the seller’s warranty.

Can I wear a ZENO stainless steel watch if I have an allergy?

The main cause of an allergic reaction is nickel.

ZENO-WATCH uses mostly uses a very high quality 316L stainless steels in its products. This steel contains nickel, but it is not released. Therefore, the watches are safe for those who may have an allergy to nickel.

We would, however, recommend customers with known allergies to purchase a titanium or a gold watch to avoid any allergy problems.