Independent Swiss watch manufacturing

Is a small watch manufacturer and a synonym for traditional made Swiss precision since 1868.

The fast progress is constantly changing our lives. In the Swiss watch workshops, the mechanical wrist and pocket watches are still traditionally made by experienced watchmakers with a lot of calm and concentration.

Precise work is at the heart of watchmaking in Basel. ZENO watches are manufactured with the greatest care, using the most modern manufacturing methods and using first-class materials. All components are subjected to the strictest controls after each production step. Great importance is attached to the precision of the movements.

After the final assembly, the watches are subjected to several checks. Each watch is individually tested for its intended load capacity under realistic temperature and pressure conditions. A number of different tests for compliance with various standards, wearing comfort and the accuracy of the movements are observed and ensured in extensive procedures. Finally, the master watchmaker checks every ZENO watch with a final and experienced check. Only after a watch has received the “green light” from the final inspection can it leave the studio in Basel.

Founded:  1868
First collection under ZENO: 1922
Founder:  Jules Godat
Headquarters:  Basel – Switzerland
Managing Director:  Felix W. Huber
Employees: 13 (Switzerland)
Production per year:  approx 15,000 watches
Sales Points:  > 600, in 38 countries

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