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Zeno Preservation Mission

Under Mr. Huber's stewardship, Zeno has safeguarded the legacy of cherished brands that were at risk of fading into obscurity. By incorporating them into our catalog, they can continue to showcase their glorious past, and shine anew on someone's wrist.


Rooted in Swiss watchmaking tradition, Catena has distinguished itself through innovation, becoming a treasured find among collectors for its unique watches and captivating story.

Gio Monaco

A seamless blend of Italian elegance and Swiss precision, Gio Monaco epitomizes a watchmaking tradition rich in history and style.


Inspired by the bravery and fashion of aviation, Pilot-Instruments merges toughness with refinement, capturing the spirit of aviators.

Jacquet Girard

Bridging tradition and modernity, Jaquet Girard is known for its high-quality Swiss watches, coveted by aficionados.


With its bold and contemporary style, Rendex offers unique timepieces for those who dare to stand out.

Le Clip

Innovative and versatile, Le Clip presents a unique kind of Swiss Made watch, designed to be creatively worn beyond the wrist.